About Us

We simplify Leaving and Junior Cert Maths for students of all abilities. We have unique teaching techniques that give students confidence and an exam-focused structure.

Exam papers

  • All grinds are Exam paper-focused.
  • Students are e-mailed with exam questions for the grind.
  • Each student is guided through the question
  • The questions are done by the student in the grind.


  • To explain maths in an easy manor
  • To help students  falling behind in maths
  • To achieve a student’s potential to achieve maximum results
  • To encourage students to get an H1
Course Coordinator 123 Accounting Grinds

We cover key topics such as




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123 MATHS GRINDS tailor makes it grind to the student's needs for an H1 in your upcoming Leaving and Junior Certificate Math paper

Let us together aim for an H1