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About Us

123 Maths Grinds simplify Leaving and Junior Cert Maths for students of all abilities. We have unique teaching techniques that give students confidence and an exam-focused structure


  • Help students:

Our grinds are designed to specifically help students to prepare for their exams.

  • Focused exam preparation:

We believe that students need focused exam preparation to perform to their best ability.

  • Exam questions:

That’s why we email students exam questions before the grind, so they can come to the grind prepared and ready to learn.

  • Tailor our grinds:

During the grind, each student is guided through each question individually. Every student has unique strengths and weaknesses, so we tailor our grinds accordingly

  • Tutors help students:

Our expert tutor’s help students understand the questions and provide them with the tools needed to confidently tackle any exam question

  • Exam-focused:

Our aim is to help students to improve their exam technique.

  • Practice their exam skills:

Students can practice their exam skills, and build their confidence.

  • Questions:

The questions are done by the student in the grind.


  • Can help students who are struggling in math.
  • My goal is to help students understand the concepts and achieve their maximum potential with an H1 score.
  •  I use easy-to-understand explanations to make math problems more approachable. My language is simple and familiar to ensure clear communication.
  • I focus on the most important information and use short, direct sentences.
  • This approach makes it easier for students to understand and follow along.
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123 MATHS GRINDS tailor makes it grind to the student's needs for an H1 in your upcoming Leaving and Junior Certificate Math paper

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