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Welcome From the Course Co-Ordinator Ciara

Welcome to 123 Maths Grinds.

Where everyone can make progress with Junior Cert. Maths

Our system helps students to get an H1 in maths.

Helping our students to understand and practice exam papers have been shown to help students to improve their skills and achieve maximum results.

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Our Core Values

Why choose us?

With over 15 years of teaching Higher Level Leaving Cert students, 123 Maths has found the winning formula for students of all abilities, to maximize their grade in this subject. It is only through such expertise that they are able to equip students with the content and skill needed to get the desired grades.

Examine in detail

Peer to Peer

The idea of building a peer-to-peer tutoring model that acknowledged the unique learning style of the individual is revolutionary .

Teaching method

Study Focused

We are are total believers of a good study routine.

Revision course

Revision Courses

123 Maths grinds provide a one day revision day prior to exams subject to demand.

Examine in detail

Exam Paper Enthusiastic

We believe by working with Exam Paper questions our students will be a lot more successful.

Revision course

Teaching Methods

No Knowledge needed working from basic to exam standard.

Teaching method

H1 Driven

Always striving to achieve H1 in the Exams.

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